Privacy Policy

Created: 6 November 2022, 16:27:05 UTC
Last updated: 4 February 2023, 21:01:08 UTC

At the time of registration, the website will collect from you a username, password, and e-mail address in order to verify your identity. Additionally, you will be given the option to link an outside social media account.

Your e-mail address will be stored for the duration of your account's existence. It is used for account retrieval in the event your account details are lost. Lepitsunes will not send unsolicited promotional mail to this address.

Lepitsunes will collect your date of birth at account creation which is used to verify that you are of an age to use the site in accordance with the Terms of Service.

Your date of birth will be stored for the duration of your account's existence.

When logging in, session information may be kept as a cookie.

In addition to the above information, if you choose to participate in website activities, we store this information. This includes and is not limited to:
- Prompt submissions
- Changes in ownership status

The information above is made available to website administrators for the purpose of administering the site and enforcing site rules.

Lepitsunes will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards. We will not release your personal information under any circumstances short of as a requirement by the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

If at any time, you wish for the removal of your personal information, you may do so by contacting us. You have the right to request the removal of your account and associated Personal Information. However, please keep in mind if you request an account deletion the process will be irreversible.